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Zombie Castaways MOD APK 4.23 (Unlimited Coins/Cash)

Zombie Castaways – You know Plants vs. Zombies game right? You can not forget the pictures of scary zombies trying to break into the house and trying to harm them. Maybe, the zombie violence is so deeply ingrained in the player’s mind, so now, if I say that, those scary zombies are now human friends, and even have feelings for people? It’s hard to believe, but the Zombie Castaways game I introduced here will make you think it. Please join me in the story of this game offline.

The story is no longer violent and malice evil anymore, Zombie Castaways is a game with content around the uncle zombie honesty, and love story arose between a guy named Zombium and a beautiful girl. But with his current appearance, he knows he can not come to her. The only way to make zombies human is to build a zombie farm, teach them to work, grow trees and grow with humans. Can a good-natured zombie like a zombie become a real man, and reach out to his girlfriend?

Explore magnificent islands

Participate in the game Zombie Castaways; you will be embodied in the zombie, benign zombies. Your main task is to develop the island where you live and turn this place into a beautiful city. In the beginning, you would be quite hardworking, alone to do a lot of work at the same time as looking for fuelwood, rocks, looking for food from the sea and forests and becoming a farmer, with the fields and start cultivating the fruits. When you have more food and resources, build homes, large buildings, and expand your acreage. Hire more people to work for you, accelerate the process of urbanization more strongly. Soon, the wasteland will become prosperous, and filled with joy.


Zombie Castaways is a fascinating game by the plot and exciting gameplay. Not only that, the graphics that the game uses are also very nice, with eye-catching colors and funny characters. In your free time, join the world of Zombie Castaways, experience the life of a real farmer and help the Zombies find their love life offline

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