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Sometimes, there are people who often wonder where Minecraft started? Terraria is the answer for them. This is the game that inspired the game to be the most fans of the survival game. Nearly everything you might find in Terraria is already too familiar. Only one thing is shown in 2D only. Surely this is the original experience you’ve been waiting for this game.


The 2D pixel graphics that make the

The Terraria franchise is just a simple game made of the most primitive materials. You can only enjoy it in this format. If you are hoping to play an upgrade of Minecraft, you will definitely be disappointed. It is a downgrade graphic version that we will have to love the way it shows everything neatly, with the player friendliness. Characters in the game are designed simply, it seems to only display the characters in the simplest way. You can only recognize who your character is, no details are too obvious. However, the number of characters appearing in the game is also very much. The incredible variety in this world offers hours of gaming worth exploring.

Diverse content, attracting players with RPG fighting style

Unlike Minecraft, Terraria is really a game built on RPG fighting gameplay. Here, the player controls a knight on his monster-killing adventure. There are over 300 types of enemies ready to attack you during the adventure. They vary in type as well as a strength so you will most likely be defeated many times. However, you also own many lives to reserve; Don’t waste them. Among them, 15 bosses will be the epic end of each of the locations you traverse. They will be very powerful and challenge your power usage skills. In addition, many events taking place continuously in the game will lead players to many places and many unique cases. When you win events, you will definitely receive good rewards. Usually, they will be extremely useful equipment for your upcoming adventures.

Download Terraria (MOD, Many Items/Immortality)

Package com.and.games505.TerrariaPaid
Category Adventure
Size 161M
MOD Features God Mode, Unlimited Item