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TapScanner MOD APK  2.5.69 (Premium)

In an age of technological development like this, nothing is impossible to achieve by digital applications. Typically, if you want to store documents that are available on the internet or text lines in PDF format, you will have to do it manually. But for TapScanner, you can easily save those documents as a file in just a few minutes. For this application, it will actively support users in scanning all the necessary content. First, the documents will be stored without too much effort to retype. In fact, PDFs, for example, or books, are used as learning materials. There are some formats that need to be designed in a complicated way, but these applications are perfectly received and reformatted, thanks to a much simpler job application, especially for those working in the offices – those who come in contact with papers and applications are sure to be a great help.

A simple Camera document scanner app with high-quality

The automatic border detection feature is a new highlight. The fact that any documents or receipts are will also have its own border, so it’s important to scan and automatically detect the outline of a document. It will sometimes become blurry, and the application will not recognize the words. So keeping your camera at a reasonable distance, our contour auto-detection feature will help you with that. We will quickly scan your bill or card, identity card because TapScanner will automatically help you find the line easier.

It is that if you want a quality image, then you have to use advanced technology, and we have made it available for you. This image refining feature is very well appreciated by users, and besides image quality, colour filters are we included to optimize the user experience and in the next improvement plans. In addition to continuing to help users in fine-tuning images, adding more image filters will help the goal to be directed.

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