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Talking Tom Gold Run MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Talking Tom has long been one of the brands favored by children around the world. The essence of this series of games is to create the imaginary friend that kids need. A very daring step of Outfit7 Limited is to expand this world by creating a series of mini-games related to Talking Tom’s character. Talking Tom Gold Run is one of the most popular minigames separated from the original version by this manufacturer. Furthermore, they made it interesting by transforming the way graphic design, visualization, and the way it works. If you are a unilateral player, just playing Talking Tom Gold Run will not find yourself lost because of having not tried Talking Tom. But if you are a real fan of this character, you can feel the familiarity in the separate game versions.

Create a bit of a clear story for the player to follow

Children want to be heroes all the time. So, Talking Tom Gold Run also tells a story that Tom and his friends are heroes. This will be a fun world set in a bustling city where most people have wealth and fortune. However, there are still thieves who try to take property that is not theirs. Players will play the role of funny cartoon characters inspired by the Talking Tom series. You will constantly chase the bandits to get back what they took from the common people. This is a journey that is both exciting and dramatic. It gives players the cool running game where they can racing, jumping, dashing, and getting an epic adrenaline rush. Really it is an affordable game for children, and also a very good time killer for adults.

The special characters you can meet

Talking Tom Gold Run is already a separate game, but the character system is still being used thoroughly. You will still control the basic character is Tom. As later you have stored some money, you can unlock many other characters. Princess Angela, Shark Hank, and Super Tom, … These characters appear in the original series but have been custom-made to be unique. Moreover, thanks to the Chibi design, it becomes even more distinctive and attracts players of all ages.

Download Talking Tom Gold Run (MOD, Unlimited Money)