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Prompted to travel the sea, perhaps everyone must fear the sea killers are giant sharks. They appear everywhere in the sea, known as the most aggressive and aggressive in the ocean, so we always have to be careful and careful when going to sea, they can attack us at any time. So do you ever imagine the prospect of living together with this fear? It’s great to be living with the sharks that can not hurt you, and the game: Ocean Nomad – Survival on Raft will be a great place to experience great things come from the sea. In addition, this game is a survival game, your life in this game will be described in the most honest way, let me learn more about the story as well as how to play offline!

New release in the series of ocean survival games

John is living and working in London. Modern life puts pressure on his work every day on his shoulders. He felt tired and wanted to go somewhere to relax his soul as well as for a holiday after long hard days. He decided to visit her grandmother in Africa, where she had a beautiful garden along with a farm, where he thought he would help me have a more lively spirit. Unfortunately, on his flight, his plane encountered a problem flying over the ocean. Aircraft crashed, and people crashed into the water. He was washed up on an island, and now he must find a way to survive to return to the mainland and wait for the rescue team to rescue.


Hundreds of weapons and items

In this game, the player will be portrayed as John guy and began his adventure in the sea. Although things are quite complicated, the food that is lacking is more dangerous to sting around, but the player needs to stay and sustain his life in any way. When the game starts, the player is dropped into a floating raft in the middle of the sea. With a single hook equipped with a few raw materials, the player must fight the attack of the sharks and other players around.

Download Survival on Raft: Ocean Nomad (MOD, Free Craft/Money)

Package ocean.nomad.survival.simulator
Category Adventure
Size 161M
MOD Features Free Craft/Money