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Pixomatic MOD APK 5.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

In the past, photo editing was an extremely difficult problem because the tools were rudimentary and difficult to use. In the last few years, when smartphones have become popular, applications have been continuously developed so that people can get the best photos. In it, Pixomatic is a remarkable application. It provides you with useful photo tools, making it a work of art with a few simple drags and drop operations. So Pixomatic is nothing outstanding compared to other editing applications such as Snapseed or PicArt? In the following content, I will present the most general way for you to get an overview.

What’s new in Pixomatic?

In a photo, layout, color, and small details are the deciding factors whether the picture is beautiful or not. For normal photo editing applications, you can only use filters or use a cutting tool to remove/hide some of the extra details. However, this causes the initial rate to change, not even to make it better. But for Pixomatic, these edits become simpler, as this application has an integrated algorithm to search, analyze and automatically adjust small details in a pre-marked partition. Even if these details make you feel dissatisfied, remove them from the photo with a cut / replace or blur tool. Sometimes, a garbage bin or power lines makes the picture worse. Using the Clone Stamp tool, select the area to delete and start creating a new cloning area to replace the pixels and make them disappear forever.

The second tool makes Pixomatic more special, which is replacing the background. You can create a unique photo with just a few simple steps: completely remove the background of the photo and retain the cut object and make the other parts transparent, choose objects and replace background of another photo in the library, mark objects and make background adjustments with tools to adjust brightness and contrast, or remove unwanted objects.

Adjust Color, Heal Tool, and Text Tool

For those who often capture scenes, light and color are the main factors affecting. Pixomatic offers more than 50 color filters with popular topics like Gray, Monochrome, Polarize, Duo, BMW, and Retro to create magic effects with just one click. The application also allows users to adjust the level of effects (0-100%) and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation to make the photo more perfect. For those who work on media marketing, Pixomatic supports design with powerful Text Tool with over 40 fonts. Now, creating simple posters or flyers with tools: editing, layout adjustment, background erase and replacement, photo insertion, and more than 40 different fonts.

Download Pixomatic (MOD, Premium Unlocked)