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Pro Graphics Toolkit APK 0.19.1

PUBG Mobile is a real blockbuster game, a leader in survival shooter and is loved by many gamers around the world. Not only possessing excellent gameplay, but PUBG is also highlighted by true 3D graphics, by applying the most advanced Unreal Engine 4 technology. However, this graphics requires phones to be highly configurable for a smooth experience. Phones with medium and low configurations can get jerky and lag during play. Understanding this demand, developer Trilokia Inc has released a graphics support tool PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit (PUB GFX TOOL) and users of low-profile phones can experience PUBG smoothly and without worry recoil lag again. PUB Gfx Tool also has many other useful features that I’m going to introduce to you in the next section.

Configure graphics without installing PUB GFX TOOL

I tested the graphics configuration with the OnePlus A3003 phone using Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip, GPU Adreno 530 and 6GB RAM. When I first started PUBG, the phone worked quite well and smoothly. However, when I started a battle, I realized some of the problems were unstable frame rates. It increases and decreases suddenly and is the cause of the game’s lag and lag. When I didn’t move, the frame rate was stable at 30. When I drove a car, the far-away maps began to load, and the frame rate dropped to 10, causing the screen to appear frozen. The same thing happened when I parachuted off the plane. Perhaps, you also find that when the frame rate is not stable, we seem to be unable to fight the enemy and the game screen ends quickly. This greatly affects players.

Zero Lag mode and Vulkan mode are two modes to help you stabilize the frame rate and thus make the game smoother. Zero lag maintains the frame at 40 for 6 minutes. In this mode, the CPU works at 29% and saves you more battery. Vulkan mode will keep the frame rate at 20 and stability up to 100% during the match. If comparing between these two regimes, Vulkan is more stable. The frame rate is low, so the CPU will operate at a lower rate (about 23%), helping you to save battery and reduce the heat.

Download PGT: Pro Graphics Toolkit (MOD, Full/Paid)