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Mr Bullet MOD APK 5.8 (Unlocked All)

Certainly, many players in the world have tried the game Angry Birds popular. The most recognizable feature of this game is that it uses real physical rules to create an attractive shooting puzzle game. Besides this famous name, many other games use the same design. Although there are not the same points, if you look a little bit, you will feel similarities.

Recently a new product has just been released Mr. Bullet – Spy Puzzles whose publisher Lion studios released. It is a game product that has been sorted into Action categories and is currently ranked # 2 in the past week. If there were more households coming from fans, maybe next week it would take first place. This is an expected success of publisher Lion studios. Because they have previously released quite popular game products such as Happy Glass and Cash, Inc Fame & Fortune Game, these products have earned fame and success, giving manufacturers a solid position.

Epic Shooting Puzzle Game

Like his brothers, “Mr. Bullet – Spy Puzzles” has quite simple graphics, suitable for this type of arcade puzzle game. The player will quickly get used to it and feel that it is this graphic that makes the game easy to play. The puzzles also become clearer thanks to that feature. Fun colors and landscapes are designed, so they don’t cause boredom for players to experience it for a long time. You can spend about 5 minutes playing it at lunch break or even a lazy Sunday to overcome as many stages as possible. In general, it is an interesting choice among a lot of horrific graphics and sophisticated gameplay today.

Destroy them all and save the world!

Your bullet will follow the same mechanism as light reflection. That means it can be thrown in another direction when hitting the wall. You can see if it works in the same manner as a game of billiards, but with bullet speed, it flies a lot faster. Please calculate so that the bullet can hit the right angles accurately to defeat the enemy hiding behind obstacles. Later on, your opponents will get stronger and stronger; they will have their own twist. Besides guns, you also have the help of grenades.

Download Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles (MOD, Cash/Tickets/Star)