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Surely anyone of us has heard the saying Your life is a Game. And yes, the life of every human being is a real game where you have to experience it whether you like it or not. A game where you have a predetermined starting point, but surely you won’t know where your end will be? And to experience it easily, let Life is a Game help you. The game is released in strict accordance with the contents of its name. The game will not have any other opponent but yourself. Entering the game, you will be watched a long journey in life with the most special personal marks.


This is a running game and collecting coins to continue the game

And what must fulfill the requirements set forth? First, to generalize the stretch of human life, “Life is a Game” did a very good job by building the game into a running game. Players will feel and experience in a very real way what life will go through each stage with this style of play. Therefore, the character of the game will also be changed markedly over different times. And to do that, the player needs to do during the experience is to collect for themselves a lot of coins that are stretched out in the game. Players will use the accumulated coins and change the character’s appearance and life through the “Select” softkey in the game.

Make “Jump” to be able to make the correct decisions of life


Besides the coins that are received during the game, you also receive many different types of money. And how to do it? It was very simple when “Life is a Game” equipped their players with the convenient “JUMP” feature. Thanks to this feature, players will simply make their own decisions for the next journey in life. All the magic will be spread out by the game when players experience it. Therefore, in order to have the right choice for themselves, the player must also use the function keys that were given correctly.

To have a meaningful life, passion, friends, and family are the most basic things

To recreate a life, the game needs to add what makes a true life. means. In your opinion what is necessary for a basic life? That’s right, that’s your passions, interests, friends, and family. This feature has been a very good addition to your journey by the game. After you have completed the installation and logged into the game, please pay attention to the function buttons below the left. Besides helping you to experience the best of interests, family, and friends, these buttons also help you care about your health, well-being, or your relationships with friends and family. So do your best to achieve what you want with your friends, family, and those by your side!

MOD Features: Unlimited Diamond

Download Life is a Game (MOD, Unlimited Diamond)