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Homescapes MOD APK 4.3.2 (Unlimited Stars)

Homescapes (MOD, Unlimited Stars) – Currently, the mobile game market has appeared in many types of games with rich gameplay. RPG games are attractive to players by adventures, expeditions to remote lands and challenges. FPS games have their own appeal through eye-catching gun battles, fierce dead or alive battles. Racing games give players the satisfaction of the speed of large capacity cars, with the sound of powerful engines and soaring surfing, supercars are like wild animals catching their preys. In contrast, some other players look to softer games like Candy Crush. This is the game that has created an effect, an intense trend in the gaming community bearing the mark of a debugging game. Accompanied by the game “follow”, thereby helping them fall into a monopoly for a while.

The gameplay of this type of game is relatively simple and regardless of age. It is for this reason that many game developers take advantage of and release many variations of it, making each game released will bring players a completely new and not boring experience. And the game Homescapes is also one of them. Not only gives players the attraction of a pure Puzzle game, but the publisher “Playrix” also invests in his beloved kid many interesting details. With innovation in gameplay and design, the Russian-based publisher promises to give players a game that is not only extremely attractive but also imprinted with an unforgettable impression.


Homescapes graphics are highly appreciated by experienced gamers. With vibrant and colourful graphics, this game is really friendly for players of any age. Besides, the expression of the character is also an advantage for this game. Each item and ornament in the house is presented in detail and bright. After renovating the house, the space around the villa will become beautiful and extremely delicate. If you are an interior design lover, Homescapes is a game that you cannot ignore.

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