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Franco Kernel Manager MOD APK v6.1.4 (Full/Patched)

Since it was first launched up to now, smartphones have soon become an indispensable part of many people. This is a handy tool for everyone and brings a lot of benefits to both work and entertainment. The mobile phone has long been no longer merely a text message, but it also has many other functions for users to experience. When combined with the internet, your cell phone is an endless source of entertainment with so many different things to explore. But when a smartphone is not enough to meet the entertainment and gaming needs of users, what will you do with it? Throw it away and buy something new? Before doing that, the user should think of another solution, one that will save you a lot of money. That is to download the application “Franco Kernel Manager MOD” for the application to support the user. With this application, users can make your device much smoother and do not need to spend too much money. So before a user decides to buy a new phone, think about this app before doing so.

Clean up memory:

On low-end and centralized devices, the RAM of the device is usually not too high, so it is easy to get full by system apps. When users play games, the RAM is significant for the game to operate smoothly. So before the user starts the game, the application will help users clean up all the RAM to provide the best user experience. The way these application works is not like the application that users have tried before; it will clean up all the unnecessary things, including system applications. So the game memory will have a lot of space for the user to use for gaming.


When the user turns on the application, it will increase the CPU speed for the user to get the best gaming experience. If the user is not playing games, increasing the speed of the device is unnecessary and will be an excellent battery to maintain. So the creative team has released a feature so that users can control the speed of the device. When the user plays the game, the application will automatically recognize to increase the CPU speed and provide the best experience. If the user is not playing the game, the application will automatically lower the speed to save battery for the user.

Download Franco Kernel Manager (MOD, Full/Patched)