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⚔ is a mobile battle royale where you toss axes like your life depends on it to be the last player standing. Winner takes all!
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March 18, 2020
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Meet the new global update!
Now it’s not only the unique appearance that makes each character cool and original. From now on, each hero has his own special abilities! Choose a hero that matches exactly your style of play!
We have added over 60 new items to the game and updated all the old ones. Armor, robes, rings and dozens of weapons - all this has its own characteristics and features. All this will allow you to assemble your unique "killer" configuration!



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Presently the drama of success is storming from the gaming sector Mod Apk Unlimited Money.  This really is among those decent games in regards to the survival genre that’s quite common.  What exactly is this match really attractive?  Don’t waste any longer, let us start to find out more details relating to it game.

Axe battle royale game comes with a conflict royale survival game.  As with other names, if starting the conflict you must immediately find your firearms to be prepared to take part in ferocious struggles.  But this game doesn’t use firearms, ammunition like weapons, but alternatively axes.  It seems as though we are at the Stone Age.

Your task is in order to turn into the last part of this warfare.  You’re armed with an axe, so don’t forget to target exactly before casting.  Perhaps the shooter strikes the mark or overlooks, it requires sometime to earn another pitch.  Hence, the overall game demands extreme precision because in the event that you overlook, you eventually become the victim of the rest of the players.  A little mistake could cost you your own life.

Get a grip on can be easy, very similar to, a stylish match that lots of men and women love.  On the left of this screen is really a digital joystick that will assist you to maneuver the personality, while on the best is really a pitching button.


Your personality could be summed up in conflict.  Experience points sprinkled through the entire map, you must receive yourself a lot to degree up and upgrade your abilities.  Everytime you level up, you’re going to be selected inch of 3 arbitrary skill.  A number of the advantages you may get comprise greater health, greater attack rate, greater range, improved flow rate.

Modes Mod Apk is still a casino game which supports playing offline and on the web.   In a spot free of network connection, it’s still possible to combine the ferocious conflict.  Multi player manner, that lets you fight genuine players rather than practicing AIs.  Your timing is constrained.  After the time runs out with got the maximum score are the winner.

Fight Royale style is very attractive.  Much like PUBG Mobile, the match restricts the variety of players at a game.  Dead players won’t be substituted by additional players.  The last surviving player may be your winner.

Unlock weapons and characters 

Weapons and diagrams are just two things you can unlock.  There are lots of intriguing characters in this match, you’re able to differentiate characters in movies or comics such as Thor, witches, Viking warriors,… To guarantee balance in each game, a pricey personality doesn’t make you stronger compared to others. It only affects the visual encounter and also increases your own motivation.

Moreover, you may select from many diverse weapons such as axes, knives, darts,… If you are using our (MOD Free Shopping), then you can purchase any weapon and character that you would like despite the fact that your golden has fallen to unwanted.  But lots of weapons and characters ask that you get to a specific degree to unlock them.

Graphics owns exceptionally amazing 3D pictures.  From character-creation to cartoon are great though the personalities are simply equipped with LEGO-style squares.  The map can be also rather diverse and always shifting when starting a brand new conflict of success.  The top perspective makes it possible to view matters more easily and readily find enemies.

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