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Advanced Download Manager 12.3 (MOD, PRO Unlocked)

Today, download speeds on big websites like Google Chrome offer a much smoother experience. For example, downloading a long film for several hours or downloading high-capacity applications, users have to wait a long time to complete the download process. It was not as difficult as it used to be. But that’s just the problem happening on computers or laptops. For a phone, this is even a nightmare for many people, when you can’t download a file using Chrome, either through a third-party app or plugging in jacks dedicated to laptop or PC. But from now on, things will be more comfortable with the excellent application – Advanced Download Manager comes from the talented developer AdvancedApp.


It can be said that the most concerned feature from the Advanced Download Manager application is to download a maximum of 3 files simultaneously on the internet. At this point, many people may misunderstand the operation of this application, actually downloading three apps at the same time does not bring results as quickly as many people think. How the download speed up operation works is done by splitting a file into a maximum of 9 small pieces. This way, the download speed of a file can be Downloaded up to 2 or 3 times faster than average speed. Besides, the application can also get links from browsers, clipboard, or MP4 video links from different websites. Not only that, but the app also works on the browsers available for sites that require registration.

During the download process, the progress of the operation will be in the table in the notification or may appear transparent when you are using another application, all of which can be installed and customized in the application. In addition, this app can also measure the data download speed of the internet connection you are using during the download process. After the download is complete, the application will automatically notify users by vibrating or sound notification. In addition, it is not only limited by the function of downloading data already available on the website, but it also appears to be more versatile through the ability to back up the download list and settings to the memory card; Save different file types into separate folders; Or the most convenient is that you can set the download time when you connect to wifi or available internet networks. This will help reduce the possibility of data loss when you accidentally put your phone in 3G/4G enabled state.

MOD Features: Pro Unlocked

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