Parallel Space Pro v4.0.8840 Mod Apk + 64Bit Support v1.0.3053 Apk | Download Parallel Space Pro Mod Apk - Clone and conduct numerous accounts of precisely the very same App simultaneously, also utilize motifs to create your distinctive space.

As you of those top-ranked applications on Android, Parallel Space helps over 90 million users sign onto multiple accounts at exactly the exact same time using one apparatus and highlight their very own personality.  Additionally, it protects user privacy by making programs invisible on apparatus with all the Incognito Setup attribute.  Furthermore, users have the ability to customize topics of these uninstalled apps as well as the topics of the Space Space to create their particular space.  Parallel Space supports 24 languages, and also be harmonious with the majority of Android programs.  Get Parallel Space instantly to control many accounts, protect privacy, and customize your space.
★Log into multiple reports of social media programs or Sport programs in exactly the same time on a single apparatus
• contrasts between users' work and life readily.
• Dual users' online gambling experience and do have more pleasure.
• virtually all programs are encouraged for another accounts in Parallel Space.  Data from the balances wont restrict one another.
★Shield consumer solitude, create programs invisible on apparatus through Incognito Setup
• Hide users' spy programs without worrying about prying eyes from keeping programs just in covert distance.
• Shield user solitude having a security lock.
★Produce an customized area by employing themes
• A motif store is integral in to Parallel Space and also a listing of personalized topics are prepared for visitors to employ to create your space.
• to create a exceptional space with way of a customized motif.  The user may switch fast different topics by one-tap together with their moods.
★Switch quickly involving balances with only one-tap
• Run two balances simultaneously and switch between these fast using one-tap to successful handle various accounts.
High Lights:
• Powerful, uncluttered & stable.
• Particular: Parallel Space is predicated on multiDroid, the very first application virtualization engine on Android.
• Permissions: Parallel Space should make an application to your permissions required by the programs added in Space Space to operate normally.  By way of instance, if Parallel Space isn't permitted to acquire where you are, you'll not be able send where you are into your own friends in certain programs that run in Space Area.  Parallel Space doesn't collect your private details to protect privacy.
• Consumptions: Parallel Space itself does not occupy an excessive amount of battery and Data through which can be in fact absorbed by the programs running indoors.  Details can also be considered from'Storage' and'Task Manager', that might possibly be discovered in'Preferences' in Parallel Area.
• Notifications: add Parallel Distance to whitelist or unique collection of a few'boost programs' to make certain notification of a few social media programs functions well.
• Conflict: you can't run two reports of a few social media programs using a exact same phone number.  You need to make use of a various phone to conduct the next accounts of these programs in Parallel Space and make sure that the phone is busy throughout your first log in since there would have been a confirmation message provided for the number.

Free download Parallel Space Pro 64Bit Mod APK for Android.
 Take observe that sexy line service isn't encouraged today.
Parallel Space 64 Bit Service
This program helps enhance the Effectiveness of Parallel Space and then resolve a next problem:
• Enriched the equilibrium of Allergic Space
• Fixed the compatibility problem between Parallel Space and 64 Bit apparatus that operate Android 6.0 or 6.0.1 (e.g. mended the problem that display maybe works black when launching Second programs in Parallel Space)
Observe: The program is an Add on to Paralle Space.  Please put in Parallel Space onto your own mobile .

Mod info:

● Pro features Unlocked
● 64Bit Support Embedded:(Thanks Jasi for the trick)
– parallel space > menu > 64bit support > install button will extract the apk to sdcard instead of redirecting to playstore.
● Release by Kirlif’

Download Parallel Space Pro Mod Apk:

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