Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent

Collect Dragon City Gem with Hack (Pemanent) for free, with this hack you can get gem for free. UPDATE : Dragon City Hack Gem Permanent Update, Maret 11, ‎2014. Update Link Dragon City 50 Gems By Phucvinh, 50 Gems/Day and 5 Gems/Week.

About Dragon City

Dragon City is a social network game developed by Social Point which was launched for play on Facebook in May 2012 and for download on iOS in 2013. In August 2014 the aforementioned developer made the game available for download on Intel Atom tablets for Android. The game targets mid-core players, allowing them to raise their own dragons and create a Dragon City on floating islands. In December 2012 The Next Web ran an article announcing that Dragon City was ranked #2 in Facebook's 25 top rated games that year. Dragon city can be connected with Facebook (giving players a reward of an exclusive dragon and 10 gems).

How to get 50 gems/day and 5 gems/week for free:

  1. Log in to your facebook account and play Dragon City
  2. Find your facebook id and session id, to how to find facebook id and session id you can see in the video below.
  3. After that open this site:

    Dragon City 63 Gems/Submit 
    Dragon City 15 Gem/1 Submit by Vu
    Dragon City 50Gem/day, 5gems/week, 18Gems/Submit
    Dragon City 5 Gem weekly by Vu 
  4. you will be asked to fill out facebook id and session id, fill with your facebook id and session id
  5. Then click submi
  6. Reload Dragon City Game

NOTE: Use this tool when you DID NOT open daily bonus cards. This tool will get 50 gems for free but if you reached high level it take you more time .

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